Somewhere in Saigon

I'm the creator and photographer of the popular Facebook page, "Somewhere in Saigon". Here's the story behind it.

What started out as a love of people and an old camera, turned into a passion for sharing my explorations in Saigon, the amazingly dynamic city I called home for 5 years.

When I moved to Saigon in 2012, I thought a stroll down one of the bigger boulevards could give me a good enough sense of the city. 

As I began to venture off the beaten path however, I became intrigued by what I saw and the people I met. From the genuine hospitality I encountered, to the vibrant colors and bustling environments, I became enamored with the city and obsessed with sharing what I found. My project “Somewhere in Saigon” project was born.

It started with a Facebook page, that quickly grew by thousands. Wanting the opportunity to relay the Saigon that lies "hidden" in plain sight just beyond the major boulevards, to even more people, I set up an Instagram account too (@somewheresaigon).

These days, although no longer based in Saigon, I continue to come across these stories buried in my image archives. Stories that make my heart glow, stories that yearn to be told so that others may also be encouraged to scratch more than just the surface of Saigon. 

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Photo: Quinn Ryan Mattingly

Photo: Quinn Ryan Mattingly