Pictures filled with meaning let us relive moments and tell the stories of our lives.

To help others tell their stories and capture their moments, perhaps through a giggle, a glance, or even an adorable purse-lipped pout, is a gift that I love sharing.

My Background

While living in Vietnam, I realized what a great tool the camera was to connect with people and while telling stories from my new home. Through an extensive photo project called "Somewhere in Saigon" (check it out on Facebook Instagram or read more about Somewhere in Saigon on this page), I not only found a creative outlet, but an excuse to chat with strangers. My project became overwhelmingly well-received, prompting requests for collaborations and other photography work.

And with that I embarked down a new career path, making travel, families and small businesses my main focus (pun intended).

Contact me and let’s discuss how I can help capture your story too.